By Elliott Wright

May 19, 2016 | PORTLAND, Ore. (UMNS)

“We commission you to take the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ into all the world.” Twenty-nine times the ancient phrase was intoned as The United Methodist Church sent new missionaries from 11 countries to serve in 16 lands.

The new missionaries will serve as church developers, chaplains, teachers, health practitioners or administrators, agricultural specialists and youth workers. Six of the 29 will work in the health field. Four will engage in ministries with migrants. Twenty-five are “global missionaries;” four are Church and Community Worker missionaries who will work in economically marginalized urban and rural communities in the United States. They serve through the denomination’s United Methodist Board of Global Ministries, which currently has some 350 missionaries in 60 countries, and projects and partners in 60 more.

United Methodists are urged to “go out” beyond the walls of sanctuaries to serve the poor, the marginalized and neglected. “We have become too comfortable,” Yambasu , a bishop for the church in Africa, said.

Global Missionaries will serve in: Democratic Republic of Congo; House of Bread Church, Palestine; Southeast Asia; Estonia; East Angola; Mozambique; Mexico City, Mexico; Macedonia; Nigeria; El Salvador; Central African Republic; Nicaragua; Malaysia; Moscow, Russia; Sierra Leone; Columbus, Ohio, U.S.; West Virginia, U.S.; Sneedville, Tennessee, U.S.;  Laurinburg, North Carolina, U.S.